Pre-Lease Surveys

‘Get it right from the start and the potential disputes at the end of the term should be minimised’

A pre-lease survey can help ensure a lease is drafted and agreed with all parties aware of the extent of the repairing obligations within the lease and how the existing condition of a premises can affect an occupier financially at the end of the term.

We advise on the existing condition of the premises; any issues relating to future maintenance and provide advice on the Landlords service charge items where applicable. It sometimes forms parts of our TDD service line.  We also report on the wording of the Tenants covenants included within the Lease together with any Break Clauses which are very onerous by nature and suggest changes that should be considered.  

We believe that a pre-lease survey can assist occupiers financial planning throughout the Lease term and provide practical guidance on understanding the Tenants obligations when it comes to Dilapidations at the end of the term.