Schedules of Condition

‘It is not just a few photos of a property stapled to the back of a Lease’

A Schedule of Condition records the state of repair to a property at a given point in time.  They are used for a variety of purposes including, to limit the repairing obligations of a lease, recording existing condition prior to the agreement of a Party Wall Award following construction works and to protect owners and occupiers within shared properties.  

Whilst a schedule of condition is undertaken prior to the agreement of a lease, it is often not relied upon until lease expiry, when the benefit is realised for having a detailed schedule prepared by a Chartered Building Surveyor.  They can save time in negotiations at the end of a term when a Dilapidation claim may be brought, and also limit the financial impact relating to the condition that the property is returned in.  A poorly prepared schedule could result in protracted negotiations and more works being undertaken which could have been avoided.

A schedule of condition can be undertaken in conjunction with a Pre-Lease survey or a Pre-Acquisition survey

At Inform we offer three types of schedule, namely:

  • Photographic only
  • Photographic with accompanying text 
  • Video